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Worship Arts Choir

You've come to the right place. First of all, erase everything in your mind that you may have thought about "rehearsals" because Wednesday night is more that just a rehearsal' it's a Worship Experience!

If you love the Lord and love to sing, then we invite you to visit our Worship Leading Choir on a Wednesday night. Visiting does not mean you will join but we believe that you will have so much fun you will want to come back again and again!

Our Choir has a wonderful leadership team that will make your visit as easy as falling off of a log. Here's all you do!
Here's where you park. Come in Entrance "15" located across from Wal-Mart.


When you arrive, someone will meet you at the door and welcome you.


You will then be directed to a sign-in table.


Next, you will be taken to get a folder.


You will then be taken to your section and introduced to a section leader.
(If you don't know what part you sing that's OK, we'll figure it out!)


The section leader will help you to feel comfortable in your section by sitting you next to someone who can help you through the rehearsal.


Weekly Choir Schedule:
6:00pm Choir Gathering time in Choir Room
6:14pm Prayer
6:15pm Vocal warm-up praise and worship songs
6:30pm Rehearsal (about 6 songs per rehearsal)
7:35pm Join Orchestra in Worship Center
7:40pm Announcements etc.
7:48pm Run-through/Sound check with Orchestra
8:00pm Dismiss
8:00am Warm-up/Review in Choir Room
8:15am Sound Check/Final run-though with Orchestra
8:30am Prepare for worship: pray together, encourage one another, be supportive & thoughtful of those entering the Worship Center
8:55am Ready to begin 9:00am Service
Other days of the week:
Pray and prepare your heart for God's leading! I hope you will give choir a try because Wednesday night is much more than just a rehearsal' it's a Worship Experience!