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Central Kids Team Members

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Vicki Ejibe

Children's Ministry Director
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Children are in the most frightening and yet also the most amazing time of our history.

So many kids are forced to grow up quickly and yet they have technology that allows them to experience fantasy the way we as parents and grandparents could only see in our own minds.

It is a truly fascinating time to be a kid (or adult that likes to play). Children’s Ministry no longer is seen as the primary instructor of your child’s spiritual growth.

Instead, ministry is here to provide resources to parents and walk beside them as they take their rightful place as their children are molded and shaped to become Christ Followers. Many young people are entering Children’s Ministry as a stepping stone to their higher calling.

I see Children’s Ministry as the highest calling God could put on my life. Children are not just the promise for tomorrow but the keepers of all we have today. It is the best of blessings to work with elementary kids and see them mature and become all God has in store for them!

Tracey Hunt

Early Childhood Director
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At Central Christian Church, we strive to meet the spiritual needs of all children by actively exploring Biblical truths in ways appealing to every learning style.

We hope to be influential in developing their increased awareness of God’s love for them, as well as, help them connect the Bible to their everyday lives. Our lessons, combined with further reinforcement at home, can help a child develop a strong faith.

My goal is to provide a warm, loving, and secure environment for your child. A place that encourages them to participate in fun, hands on and exciting Biblical based learning experiences. Children are my favorite people. They never fail to encourage me in some way.

I truly feel blessed to work in a setting where I get to share God’s Word with these wonderful little people. In addition, our ministry provides a brief period for the parents to focus on their spiritual growth by allowing them to attend life groups, Bible studies, and special events.

In this manner, I hope our childcare ministry helps bring the entire family closer to God.

Josh Costello

Lower Elementary Director
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Childhood is such a crucial time in our development. It is this stage when we begin making discoveries about the world, the people around us, and ourselves. We learn to form the habits and behaviors that positively or negatively affect our relationships with others, our performance in school or other activities, and even the trajectory of our lives years later as adults.

I am thrilled to be a part of a dynamic team full of individuals whose hearts are to invest in the next generation of Godly leaders and persons of excellence. My vision for our K-3 ministry is that when kids walk through our doors they experience the following three things. First, they will know that they are significant and cared for because my team or I take the time to ask about their life, and listen intently to their answers. Second, they will learn about the almighty, good, righteous, loving God who wants to have a relationship with them. Third, they will see examples of excellence, kindness, and servant hearts from the Godly men and women that comprise our team.

Tina Nickel

Upper Elementary Director
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God has blessed our family so much and lately it just feels like a dream to get to serve Youth again in the capacity of our church, here at Central. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of people who lead our youth.

I have been home with my twins for seven years in June and it’s so amazing to watch them grow. We are so excited for my new job, all the kids and fun that is waiting ahead of us. Working with youth has always been one of my loves since I served in a youth group in high school. We did backyard bible clubs and choir trips. I loved every minute of our Youth Group and I am so excited to give back to this age group. 4th and 5th graders have such a huge place in my heart and it sometimes makes me teary eyed to think of how humbled I feel to be a part of Central Christian’s Youth!  We will do our best to share, teach and grow in the love of the Lord. Can’t wait to get started meeting the kids and their families!


Aaron Beck

Journey Director
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