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Radical Mentoring

What Is Radical Mentoring? Simply put, it is men in a group setting learning to deal with everyday challenges from a Biblical perspective in an open and transparent way.

Hard back books and audio books are be available. Cost for hard back books is $50 and cost for audio books has yet to be determined.

Radical Mentoring Typical Format
(Your group’s format may differ because of group needs)

September 2017- May 2018


  • Participate with other groups in kickoff conference at CCC.
  • Meet monthly for three hours (Leader may adapt per group needs).
  • Discuss learnings from monthly reading selected from Radical Mentoring Library List.
  • Write one page net-out---what you gained most from the book & make a copy
  •  to share with each member of the group.
  • Memorize one or two verses of Scripture to share at group meeting.
  • Meet for coffee or breakfast or lunch or dinner with one in your group each month until you have met with each man in the group by the end of the 2017/2018 Radical Mentoring.
  • ASAP Respond to and let group leader know if questions, challenges or needs.

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Radical Mentoring Testimonials

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